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Our expertise, dedication, and personal touch lead to the best results for our clients. We consistently obtain success for our clients at trial, in mediation, and, if necessary, at the Montana Supreme Court. We have expertise in many areas, including all types of accidents and injuries, insurance disputes, wrongful death, and defective products. Please call us for a personal meeting.

The Drake Law Firm, P.C., is a high quality, litigation-oriented team of lawyers and support staff located in Helena, Montana. We offer extensive local knowledge and courtroom experience to our clients. We emphasize personal, close attention to all of our cases, whether we represent you as a claimant seeking recovery or a defendant protecting yourself against a claim. We understand that being on either side of a lawsuit can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. We will help you through that experience with both empathy and tenacity.

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Our firm has a long tradition of helping our clients successfully navigate all stages of the claims process- investigating whether they may have a claim, initiating claims, and, if needed, bringing a lawsuit to get you relief and proper compensation from whoever has harmed you. We charge reasonable fees and will spend the necessary time on your case to advise you whether you have a claim, your chances of success, and what time and expense you may be looking at to pursue your claim. We want you to have all of the necessary information so you can decide what's best for you and your individual situation. We'll continue to keep you informed each step of the way, and you will always be the one deciding whether you are ready to settle or whether your matter needs to go further.


We have represented many companies and, in the case of insurers, have represented their insureds on both large and smaller problems. Our work has ranged from representing insureds sued for everything from car accidents, to construction, to business fights, and more. We also have experience helping companies weather employment claims. This includes Section 1983 claims, wrongful discharge from employment claims, and even larger scale "systemic" attacks on a client's business - potentially involving a number of claims at one time. We also have considerable experience representing government agencies and public officials against a large spectrum of claims and are well-versed in the laws which affect how officials do their jobs.

We're always open to discussing your individual situation or litigation threat on a no-obligation basis. We will give you a frank review of whether we believe we are best able to help you or whether we recommend another practitioner or firm that may be a better fit for your particular problem.


What Drake Law Firm P.C. can offer you!

Insurance Defense

With 50 years of collective law experience, the largest area of our practice has been defending individuals, taxpayer funded bodies, and others from lawsuits. Many times, but not always, those ...


Injuries / Accidents

We often represent people who have been hurt in an accident, or have lost a loved one from an accident. These have included injuries or deaths from the most common cause — automobile collisions. ...


Construction Disputes / Injuries

We know many builders who simply want to practice their craft, be it building cabinets or entire houses. Unfortunately, there are several legal issues that can make doing these jobs difficult — ...



Meet our attorneys at Drake Law Firm P.C.
Kale Guldseth

Kale Guldseth

Kale Guldseth, born and raised in Butte, MT (or Butte, America as many know it) is an even-keeled, natural leader. "Never too high, never too low" is his motto. That attitude allows him to remain ...

DarAnne Dunning

DarAnne Dunning

DarAnne, a fifth-generation Montanan, was raised on her family's cattle ranch in southeastern Montana, where her family has raised horses and cattle since the 1880s. DarAnne's unique background and ...

Caroline Warne

Caroline Warne

Caroline Warne is a family law attorney with over twenty years of well-rounded experience: International experience. Litigation experience. Child support administrative Judge experience. Child ...

Curt Drake

Curt Drake

Curt Drake took a chance in 2005, established Drake Law Firm and he hasn't looked back. Over more than a decade, Curt has surrounded himself with talented, thoughtful professionals and built a ...

Patricia Klanke

Patricia Klanke

Trish possesses a rare combination of intellect, common sense, tenacity, and empathy. Trish is a gifted writer, which is a very important attribute for any attorney, and she also is a natural in the ...

Michael Kauffman

Michael Kauffman

Michael is a good-natured legal tsunami. He is the adventurer you want with you when a storm unexpectedly drops two feet of snow in your path. He's the someone you need to carry your pack, as well as ...



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Curt and his team provided the assistance, interpretation of the law and guidance that I needed to successfully address an employment issue. Corporate management and HR staff didn't take my claims seriously until I hired an attorney. Curt helped me craft a letter proposing a separation agreement that got their attention. After two months of getting "the corporate runaround", we fairly resolved the matter in a couple weeks, with minimal legal expense for both parties.

By Dennis E.

Curt Drake exceeded my expectations when unfortunate circumstances arose. Provide your complete file, voice your complete story, then let him proceed to work. Curt has your back! His communication skills speak highly of his strong character. I recommend Curt Drake.

By Kyle H.


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