Michael Kauffman

Michael Kauffman

Michael is a good-natured legal tsunami. He is the adventurer you want with you when a storm unexpectedly drops two feet of snow in your path. He's the someone you need to carry your pack, as well as his own, uphill for a few miles. Legally, he's the guy you want at trial with you. He will volunteer to cross examine the surprise ringer expert witness the other side has suddenly called as their first witness tomorrow morning.

Although his humble nature would object to us praising him like this, he deserves every ounce of acclaim thrown his way. He was an ACC track champion in college, he recently raced a mountain bike from Banff to Mexico (unsupported), and the challenges of complicated lawsuits are fun for him. He's a guy who fights to win - and he wins a lot - but he's somehow never become self-important along the way.

Michael literally charts the course he sees as needed for a potential win in each case he's handling. These charts include cross-references for testimony and exhibits, legal citations, and detailed to-do lists. What's more impressive is that he actually DOES what's on those charts and turns his vision into action and then into reality.

He's become a shareholder in the firm, and he's an integral component of its overall success. He stays focused on how to maintain our high standards and is committed to the improvement of our services going forward. And yes... he has a chart for that, too.

- colleague

Areas of Practice

Bar Admission

  • Montana, 2008
  • U.S. District Court for the District of Montana
  • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals


  • University of Idaho College of Law, JD, 2008 - Magna cum laude, Rogers Scholar, Law Review Articles Editor
  • Clemson University, BS, 1995 - Magna cum laude, Academic All-American

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Montana Bar Association
  • Law Clerk, Montana Supreme Court, Justice Brian Morris, 2008-2009


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