Injuries / Accidents

We often represent people who have been hurt in an accident, or have lost a loved one from an accident. These have included injuries or deaths from the most common cause — automobile collisions. From injuries caused by products that were badly made or designed, to construction and commercial transportation accidents, and everything in between, we have the knowledge and experience to handle your case.

Trying to juggle the complicated demands of insurance companies in conjunction with the caring of the injured person or the consequences of a death can be overwhelming. Our experience with insurance companies has taught us how to "speak insurance." We understand what the insurance company desires and in what format they expect. This knowledge can help speed up the settlement process.

Our experience working with insurance companies also helps us prioritize and coordinate claims for multiple insurance recoveries arising from a single accident. A single accident potentially includes recoveries from the at-fault person's primary and excess- layer insurer, and the injured person's underinsured motorist coverage. Worker's compensation, medical pay, and uninsured motorist coverage can also come into play depending on the case. It is not a world that many people can navigate effectively on their own.

If we don't believe we can exceed an insurance offer, we'll tell you that. Our fees are a percentage of what we recover for our client and our fee isn't paid until we recover. Traditionally, there are three fee percentages we potentially charge. The fee range is from 25% to 33%, to 40% for some cases. Which percentage is agreed to in an individual case depends primarily on how much time and difficulty the case presents. For example, if your injury is clearly the fault of the other driver, the fee is very often 25%. On the other hand, if the case involves a complicated defective mechanical device or other circumstance in which we will have to hire one or more experts to help with your case, or is otherwise unusually expensive or risky, the fee can be 33% or 40%. In all cases, we will collectively decide in advance what the percentage fee will be.


what people are saying

Curt and his team provided the assistance, interpretation of the law and guidance that I needed to successfully address an employment issue. Corporate management and HR staff didn't take my claims seriously until I hired an attorney. Curt helped me craft a letter proposing a separation agreement that got their attention. After two months of getting "the corporate runaround", we fairly resolved the matter in a couple weeks, with minimal legal expense for both parties.

By Dennis E.

Curt Drake exceeded my expectations when unfortunate circumstances arose. Provide your complete file, voice your complete story, then let him proceed to work. Curt has your back! His communication skills speak highly of his strong character. I recommend Curt Drake.

By Kyle H.


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