Mediation and Arbitration

We believe lawyers should be in the business of solving problems, not creating them. Litigation is a lengthy and invasive process that can itself be challenging, traumatic, and costly. Sometimes this process is necessary, but often, problems can be solved early through the use of mediation or arbitration. Increasingly, courts also require parties to attempt alternative dispute resolution before proceeding to trial.

We bring a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to representing our clients in mediation and arbitration. We will provide you with an honest evaluation of the risk you face at trial and what the real cost to you will be. At the same time, we are strong advocates during mediation and arbitration and will work hard to get you the best possible result, never encouraging you to accept a compromise for the sake of compromise, or one that does not serve your needs.

In addition to representing our own clients in mediation or arbitration, we provide third-party mediation and arbitration services. We bring our combined 50+ years of experience to evaluating and resolving many types of cases. We prepare thoroughly and work hard to help resolve your case, because we believe mediation should be done in good faith and not simply to check a box before moving on to trial. We facilitate an honest, frank, and respectful dialogue to help achieve a fair and efficient result.


what people are saying

Curt and his team provided the assistance, interpretation of the law and guidance that I needed to successfully address an employment issue. Corporate management and HR staff didn't take my claims seriously until I hired an attorney. Curt helped me craft a letter proposing a separation agreement that got their attention. After two months of getting "the corporate runaround", we fairly resolved the matter in a couple weeks, with minimal legal expense for both parties.

By Dennis E.

Curt Drake exceeded my expectations when unfortunate circumstances arose. Provide your complete file, voice your complete story, then let him proceed to work. Curt has your back! His communication skills speak highly of his strong character. I recommend Curt Drake.

By Kyle H.


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