Whether your organization is small or large, you probably didn't choose a career in the non-profit world to deal with legal headaches. Unfortunately as you've probably discovered, running a non-profit still comes with legal questions like contracts, employment, relationships with other non-profits, and business practices. The cost of dealing with these can be big, even if your budget isn't.

Whether you need up-front consultation, contract review, assistance with problems before they start, or help with a legal question that comes out of nowhere, our goal is simple. We strive to provide you with legal services that produce what you need without wasting your organization's time and money. This lets you get back to your real work of carrying out your organization's mission.


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Curt and his team provided the assistance, interpretation of the law and guidance that I needed to successfully address an employment issue. Corporate management and HR staff didn't take my claims seriously until I hired an attorney. Curt helped me craft a letter proposing a separation agreement that got their attention. After two months of getting "the corporate runaround", we fairly resolved the matter in a couple weeks, with minimal legal expense for both parties.

By Dennis E.

Curt Drake exceeded my expectations when unfortunate circumstances arose. Provide your complete file, voice your complete story, then let him proceed to work. Curt has your back! His communication skills speak highly of his strong character. I recommend Curt Drake.

By Kyle H.


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