Professional Malpractice

We provide knowledgeable and experienced legal representation and guidance for professionals such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, and architects facing claims of professional or ethical misconduct.

Claims against professionals often involve complex legal issues and complicated facts. As a litigation team, we have the experience and the resources to successfully defend professionals at every stage, including administrative proceedings, cases in front of state and federal trial courts, and proceedings in front of appellate courts.

We know that professional license holders invest significant time and resources to obtain their license and to advance their careers. We also realize that professionals far prefer to devote their time to their chosen profession rather than take significant time away from their patients or clients to defend against a malpractice lawsuit. We will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and efficient legal strategy designed to maximize the chance of success. We will also work to minimize both your stress and the impact on your reputation and the career that you have spent years to develop.


what people are saying

Curt and his team provided the assistance, interpretation of the law and guidance that I needed to successfully address an employment issue. Corporate management and HR staff didn't take my claims seriously until I hired an attorney. Curt helped me craft a letter proposing a separation agreement that got their attention. After two months of getting "the corporate runaround", we fairly resolved the matter in a couple weeks, with minimal legal expense for both parties.

By Dennis E.

Curt Drake exceeded my expectations when unfortunate circumstances arose. Provide your complete file, voice your complete story, then let him proceed to work. Curt has your back! His communication skills speak highly of his strong character. I recommend Curt Drake.

By Kyle H.


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